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Over the past few years, I have taken many of Lisa's classes and have enjoyed every one! I like being able to use materials that are new to me and learn new techniques. Plus, when class is over you always have something to take home that you have created! Lisa is a great teacher and I love all of her ideas! She is knowledgeable, creative, and patient. I always look forward to taking one of Lisa's classes.

Cindy Liebl

I have known Lisa Thill forever and have been involved creating with her for years! I've had so much fun creating beautiful projects even when I think I can't do it! Her art
knowledge and teaching skills make art so much fun!


I was enthralled with your gorgeous work published in Stampington’s Art Journaling, Spring issue. I was even more excited to hear you explain the spread on your YourTube channel. Such a good idea! So many great tips, such as the whiteout pen. I’ve got to get one now. I also loved the explanation about how you made the raindrops. Would love to see more of your stories on YouTube. 

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